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Anti-Alkanet Master Class LIVE streaming 6pm MST on March 31st, April 1st, and April 2nd

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In my book, The Natural Soap Color Palette, I discuss how to extract the color of out nature and put it into your soap with infusions, teas, and slurries. And now, we’re diving deeper into oil infusions as I show you exactly how I do it with in-person videos PLUS bonus tips!

This master class, with 16 lessons and videos, is a multi-day soapy festival of information that you can digest at your own pace. And, we’re going to have so much fun!

Here are just some of the topic covered in this botanical colorant master class:

  • We’re going to discuss how to determine if you should use oil or water to extract your colors.
  • We’ll even talk about how to see if the “lye monster” will turn your color brown.
  • You’ll never have to guess again about how much of your favorite (or new) botanical you need to use.
  • I’ll show you exactly how to make, troubleshoot, and use infusions.
    • PLUS proof positive which is better: Cold or Hot oil infusions (with a twist via my hybrid method!)
    • PLUS I show you exactly how to make micro batches to test colorants one bar of soap at a time.
    • PLUS we going to compare color intensity based on formulation and gel phase.

And best of all…. we’ll be making soap out of various infusions AND discussing the results of all of our hard (and fun) work.

Soapy Friends Master Classes are Supported by AnneGeorges

Thank you Kandra, for considering me your friend on this soapy color journey. It goes without saying that I am in awe of your work and ebullience. 

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