Video Lesson: Will it Just Turn Brown? A quick lye test is the answer!

If you’re testing out a new colorant, you’re number one question is probably “how much brown soap am I going to end up with?”. Since the high PH of soap can turn beautiful colors brown, soapers can end up with lots (and lots) of brown soap. For many that’s a big fat BOOOOOO!!!!! But, brown soap can be cool too. So don’t totally knock it 😊

If you want to find out (without making a bunch of brown soap) what color a botanical will provide, test it. Make an infusion and a tea, and then drop some lye water on it.

  1. First, put a few drops of your infusion or tea on a lye safe surface.
  2. Then, using a pipette, add a few drops of a lye solution

That’s it! You’ll see if the color will change in the high PH environment without making any soap.

But that’s enough reading, let’s look at few examples in the following video:

  • Blue Pea Flower tea (I haven’t created an oil infusion with this yet, if anyone wants to try, share your results to the group!)
  • Red Sandalwood decoction
  • Himalayan Rhubarb infusion
  • Alkanet infusion
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