Dedicated to Soapy Friends

Here’s the original dedication from the print book, a shout out to all of my original Soapy Friends:

This book is dedicated to my dear “soapy friends” who have helped me in my soapmaking journey. All the knowledge I have obtained in this journey is a result of talking with soapmakers, becoming friends with them, and many (many) failed batches of soap. Christina, Kate, Jo, Chass, Ellowyn (and more than I have room to list) … I never knew being addicted to soap would bring such amazing friends into my life.
To all of those who purchase my soaps, this is for you as well. I feel truly blessed to be a small part of your life with every bar of soap that ships out. I cherish packing gift boxes filled with small delights to brighten the day for your friends and family. And I am excited for those of you who have been inspired to make soap!
Thank you all for becoming a part of my little soapy family.
Now, let’s get on with the soapmaking!
Stay clean and healthy,

And now, I would like to add a giant soapy hug and cheer to all of the new soapy friends I have made since the journey has flourished into this new website with more resources, and lots more soapy fun!

If you’re not all ready a member, I invite you to join me and all of my soapy friends online in the Natural Soap Color Facebook Group.
Just a few short weeks after the initial publication, I received multiple requests to create a Facebook group. It has since grown to over 13k members, and I can’t wait to see you there! Please join me, and all of the other soapmakers striving for natural soapy colors, as we collaborate on the materials covered in this book. I can’t wait to meet you, and for you to meet all of my other soapy friends!

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