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General FAQs

How do I access your book (or soap recipe, tutorial, master class, etc.) that I purchased?

When you purchase a class (or my book, recipes, or tutorials) from Soapy Friends, you’ll find your purchased content in the “My Courses and Downloads” tab on your account profile page. Each course is set up with individual lessons, videos, and downloads organized to help you follow all of the processes and procedures relevant to the course.

To start a course:

  1. Select the course from the Courses list on your “My Account” page.
  2. Click through to any lesson and start reading, watching the video, or downloading the reference materials.
    • Some lessons included supplementary resources displayed in a “Lesson Content” chart at the bottom of the lesson. Click on each of these resources to view them.
  3. Once you have completed any lesson or resource, click on the “Mark Complete” button. This will help you bookmark where you left off and advance you to the next lesson in the course.

A note on downloads:

  • The free Botanical Color Chart and Infusion Jar Labels are simple PDFs and can be found in the “Downloads” table. All other products are full courses and can be found in the “Courses” list.
  • Some courses do include PDFs. Those PDFs can be downloaded directly from the course lesson.

How soon can I access my content once I purchase?

Once your payment is processed and your order is completed, you’ll have immediate access! It should take only a few seconds. I include a link in the order confirmation email, the thank you page, and you can always find your content on your account profile page.

How long will I have access the my content?

Unless otherwise stated, you’ll have lifetime access to any content you purchased! That means, as long as we’re around and hanging out with soapy friends like you, your content will be available. Soapy Friends is also hosted on a service with a 99% uptime guarantee. That means the site “hopefully” will never go down (but life happens, as we all know) and you’ll have speedy access to your content. Also note that we can’t be responsible if the internet breaks. It usually doesn’t, but we all know things like that can happen. And if the internet does break, that would be a good time for you to take a break and enjoy nature first hand while things get rebooted 😀

Can I access my courses without an internet connection?

All courses require an internet connection as they are digital content units. However, you can print the lessons for use offline use with your browsers native print feature.

Can I print my courses?

While you can’t print a video (because, well, it’s a video!) you can print the rest of the course content. All of my courses are designed to be printer friendly, so feel free to print to your hearts content and make a soapy binder containing all of your natural color knowledge! Just use your browsers native print feature (i.e. File > Print).

What if I don’t speak English?
Can the soap tutorials be translated into another language?

While all of my content is written and produced in English, I run Google Translate on the website. The tool bar is located at the bottom of each page and allows you to translate all on-site content through Google Translate. Videos offer captions which can be translated into languages via Vimeo and/or YouTube closed captioning.

language translation

Please note: I do not proof read in all of these languages (I don’t speak them!), and I cannot be liable for any mistranslations.

Can I watch a replay if I missed a live class?

All live soapy sessions are recorded so we can watch them later! Master Class LIVE replays are available in the course (under “My Account”). Wet Soap Wednesday, and other public live sessions are available for replay on YouTube.

Want to influence when I go live? Take the Live Sessions Time Survey to influence my time choices.

What is an “Extension Class”?

Extension Classes are updates to past Master Class LIVE courses. There will be extension courses each year across the various Master Class LIVES from previous years. These courses can feature additional soapy colors using the botanicals, advanced usages that we didn’t have time for in the original intensive courses, and other content as requested by class participants.

Extension Classes are included with the purchase price of the original course. That means you have immediate access if you are an existing member of the original course. If you haven’t yet purchased the course, but want to participate in the extension class, just sign up for the full course! You’ll have instant access to all course materials so you can catch up and join in on the live extension class.

Where can I get more help on a soapmaking course I have purchased?

I have a few options for you:

  • You can always send an email, or use the discussion form found at the bottom of each lesson.
  • If it’s a super complicated and customized question, I might recommend a Soapy Solo consult (a one-on-one Zoom call with me). Just send an email to request a Soapy Solo.
  • You can also consider reaching out to soapy friends across the globe in My Facebook Group where thousands of soapy friends are available to help!

Who’s Anne George and what are AnneGeorges Colorants?

Anne George is a lover of fabrics, and now soaps too! And, she’s one of Kandra’s soapy friends (they became friends after Kandra found and quickly fell in love with her high quality botanicals 🥰). She is the color artist behind and supports Soapy Friends by supplying treats for you! Expect to be thrilled by some of the goodies she’ll be sending along your way when you attend the classes. You can read more about Anne and her journey as a small business owner (did you know she started on Etsy?) and of course purchase her amazing natural botanical colorants on her website.

What’s the refund policy?

I do not offer refunds since all courses are digital products which you have access to immediately after purchase. If you’re questioning whether or not you should purchase, just send an email and we’ll chat about it, one soapy friend to another.

Membership/Subscription FAQs

Can I cancel my subscription? Can I access content after I cancel?

Managing your subscription is easy! This includes switching plans, or canceling. Just head over to your account page > subscriptions. Click on your current subscription to view your plan details. At the top of the screen you’ll see a status chart with an option to cancel your subscription. Once canceled, you will continue to have access to all content included with the subscription until your subscription period ends (shows as “end date” on the status chart).

Once you’re ready to join back in with all of our soapy fun, you can always sign back up as a new member!

Can I switch between membership plans?

Absolutely! Just head over to your account page > subscriptions. Click on your current subscription to view your plan details. Below the subscription status chart you’ll see related orders with an option to “switch plan”. Click that button and choose a new membership option. This will add your new membership to your cart. Remember to complete the checkout to confirm the switch.

Once you’ve switched your membership plan, the system will automatically prorate your subscription based on the difference between the current plan and the new membership option. And, you will have immediate access to the content included in your new membership plan.

How long does a membership last?

Memberships are active until you cancel, and they are billed monthly starting from the date you signed up.

What is the difference between “lifetime access” and “membership access”?

When you purchase a course from the Soapy Friends shop you have unlimited lifetime access to that course. This includes all lessons, videos, and downloads. With membership access you can enjoy all courses included in your membership plan for the duration of your membership. As a member, you can also purchase lifetime access to any course here on Soapy Friends. As a member, you’ll receive a discount on lifetime access purchases!

How do I access member exclusive content?

Members have a membership status banner on the “my account” page. This banner includes a link to access your member content page. Just click that link to access your member including exclusives, downloads, and courses.

How will I know when there’s new member content to enjoy?

First, be sure you’re signed up for Soapy Friends emails. Subscribed members receive an email when new live streams are planned or new recipes are ready for you to enjoy. Member exclusive content can always be accessed from your member page via the “my account” page.

How often will new content be available for members?

  • Best Friends Club members will receive new content every month.
  • Soapy Friends Basic and Plus members will have access to new members exclusive content each quarter.

In addition, Soapy Friends Plus and Best Friends Club members will have access to all new recipes and tutorials as they are released to the public. Best Friends Club Members will have early access to new recipes and tutorials, as well as be invited to join the video recording sessions!

How can I access previous Member Exclusive content?

Basic and Plus members have access to the Quarterly Members’ Exclusive lessons for the entire quarter. Each quarter, new lessons replace the previous quarter’s lessons.

Best Friends Club members will be able to access Quarterly Member’s Exclusive lessons that have been added to any Best Friend Exclusive course for the duration of their membership.

When/if a Quarterly Exclusive lesson becomes available in a full featured course on Soapy Friends, Plus and Best Friends Club members will have access through their standard course list on their account.

Quarters start and end in the following month’s:

  • Q1: January, February, March
  • Q2: April, May, June
  • Q3: July, August, September
  • Q4: October, November, December

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