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Kandra’s Soap Making Supplies

Wondering where Kandra get’s her gizmos and gadgets she uses in her soapmaking? Here’s the list!

Howells Products (Soap dishes)

Founded by Chriss Howell, and run by him and his brother-in-law, this is THE PLACE to get all of your soap dishes, soaps sacks, some amazing molds… all while supporting a family owned USA business that works hard to support the soaping community. BONUS: Use coupon code SOAPYFRIENDS for 10% OFF all of the amazing products they carry!

Wildplantanica (Soap Router and Pull Through Tools)

Chass is a soap maker making awesome tools for all of her soapy friends! I love her pull through discs and the soap router is freaking awesome! Be sure to say howdy when you place you order!

Rainforest Chica (Clays and oils)

The ONLY clay’s I’ll use… and don’t miss out on her awesome oils. She works hard to insure that all of her products are sourced sustainably, and that they are REAL! You’re going to love everything she sends you. You can also check out some of the soaps I’ve made with her ingredients on YouTube.

AnneGeorges (Botanicals)

This is where I purchase most of my botanicals. Anne also set up special Soapy Color Kits for us! You can find the Master Classes for each of the kits here.

Amazon (Gear and molds)

Amazon is not a first choice for ingredients, but I have found some amazing deals on pots, containers, molds… and my beloved cafeteria trays. I’ve saved my favorite items in this shopping list. So, go check it out, and be sure to snag some cafeteria trays while you’re shopping!

Custom Craft Tools (Soap Cutter)

This is one of the most versatile soap cutters I’ve used. You can see it in action vs. my other soap cutters on YouTube, and purchase here.

Note: Shopping from some of these links will result in you supporting Soapy Friends (aka affiliate links). You won’t be charged extra… and some might send extra treats when you mention Soapy Friends, while others have special offers listed with their details. So, be warned… your purchase just might make a lot of your friends smile!

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Some of our "non-soapmaking" Soapy Friends

Kandra's Favorite Soap Dishes

"Kandra, You are amazing! ...And too generous with your time!"

Ethically Sourced Clays and Oils

"This chica knows a lot about soap. Her testing processes are so methodical and detailed."

Soapy Friends Master Class Live Sponsor

"Thank you Kandra, for considering me your friend on this soapy color journey. It goes without saying that I am in awe of your work and ebullience."

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