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Meet Soapy Friend Chris Howell (who’s not a soapmaker!)

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howells black box post

Did you know that not all Soapy Friends are soapmakers? Yup, that’s right. Some of my Soapy Friends are the ones that make the tools and provide the ingredients we need to make our soap. And we ❤️ them!

You’ll see them in our soapy community cheering us on with “ohhhhh” and “ahhhhh” over every soapy success, and encouraging us through every soapy “fail” (and being as excited as we are when we learn something!). And, you’ll see special offers from them too! So, yeah, they are some of the best soapy friends around. 🥰

You may know by now that Anne George is a soapy friend. She provides the wonderful botanicals that I use in all of my soaps. She also has some VERY special treats planned for us when we launch our first Master Classes this summer and fall (I can’t wait to help her spoil you too!!).

But right now, I want to introduce you to Chris Howell. (He’s an amazing soapy friend.)

Chris Howell Soap Dishes
Some of Chris Howell soap dishes Kandra has ordered over the years.

Chris stumbled into the soapy world through wood… wooden toy block to be exact. Years ago he was at a farmers market selling his wares and got to talking to the soapmaker next to him. (sound familiar? Farmers market + soap = friends! oh no, it wasn’t me, it was another lucky soapmaker.) Anyway, one thing led to another and Chris started making soap dishes for her (his first soapy friend!). Well, when you make something as awesome as the boardwalk soap dish, word gets around. I met Chris (and his awesome soap dishes) through Etsy where I was purchasing his fantastic soap dishes. And, let me tell you. The sweetest guy ever! His customer service is top notch, but not because he’s trying to make a sale. He’s just a really nice guy who (just like us) supports his family through his craft, and we’re very blessed to be able to call him a Soapy Friend.

Over the years Chris has accommodated me with special order requests (I wanted a special size dish), and he always sends something extra special in his orders. Be it a sample of something new, or marketing tips to help you sell more soaps via the special dishes he provides. He even does random drawing to give away free soap dishes in his Facebook Group!

howells black box edited
Chris’s new mold, the Howells Black Box.

Recently, I was lucky enough to help him launch his new soap molds. And let me tell you… OMG, they are freaking amazing! I gave them their virgin debut live in my Facebook group, and let me tell you, I have never had a soap mold perform so well. Every single thing about it is perfect and what I’ve always wanted in a soap mold. Below is the Facebook live I broadcasted in his group to show off his amazing new molds if you want to see me be silly and go gaga over a box.

As an extra thank you for Chris for all he does for his soapy friends, I want to treat some of his existing followers, and help him make some new soapy friends. Here’s how we’re going to do that:

soapy friends memberships

Get full access to soap making tutorials and recipes, live soapy sessions, special discounts… and exclusive members only content!

A Soapy Friends Tutorial Giveaway!

Since Chris has given me so much, and he’s all about supporting small business soapmakers (aka his Soapy Friends), we got together and decided to give away access to the first Soapy Friend tutorial (Multi-Color Batch Splitting) to two lucky soapy friends!

The Contest was completed and is now closed.

Looking for the tools I use when making soap? Check out my Amazon Shopping List.

Watch the video replay of Kandra breaking in Chris’s new molds!

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    1. More than looking nice (if you ask me!) lol. But from the little video you can tell that. Yup, totally obsessed with this new mold! I hope you share some photos of your soaps in it =)

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