Learn to Make Natural Soap

Whether you’re brand new to soapmaking (or have questions other classes didn’t answer) you'll be making (and understanding) natural soap in no time.

Bundle and Save – Soap making tutorials and recipes.

The following courses are bundles of soapy joy! I’ve packaged up related soapmaking courses into discounted bundles so you can dive in and learn every aspect of a multifaceted soapmaking topic. Want to rebatch your soap? Snag the rebatching tutorial and learn multiple ways to turn your soapy “messes” in to new amazing soaps! Or, snag the extracting color from nature bundle to get all courses in the series, and my book, for a HUGE bundle savings.


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Kandra's Favorite Soap Dishes

"Kandra, You are amazing! ...And too generous with your time!"

Ethically Sourced Clays and Oils

"This chica knows a lot about soap. Her testing processes are so methodical and detailed."

Soapy Friends Master Class Live Sponsor

"Thank you Kandra, for considering me your friend on this soapy color journey. It goes without saying that I am in awe of your work and ebullience."

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