AnneGeorges Natural Soap Colorant Classes and Tutorials

The following tutorials and master classes were made with the support of our soapy friend Anne George. Anne supports the soaping community by providing high quality botanicals for our slurries, infusions, and more. She’s a long time soapy friend of Kandra and graciously supplies treats for those who participate in Master Class Live sessions.

You can purchase AnneGeorges fantastic botanicals online, including these fantastic soapy color kits she created for Soapy Friends! They are a perfect way to start your botanical collections, and feature color combinations from my book and tutorials.

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Soapy Friends Master Classes are Supported by AnneGeorges

Thank you Kandra, for considering me your friend on this soapy color journey. It goes without saying that I am in awe of your work and ebullience. 

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