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What’s your favorite item in your soapy room? Maybe the cure rack filled with all of your lovely soaps? Your stash of cavity molds, or collection of colorants? Those used to be my favorites (and I still love having them around me as a work each day), but my soapy room BFF for the past few years as been…. A CAFETERIA TRAY! Holy smokes it’s like I found the holy grail of soap room organization. I had no idea these were going to be so amazing when I purchased them. I actually purchased them trying to find a solution to the cat food mess in the kitchen. I just needed something with a lip to keep the cat food and water bowel spills contained.

They worked great, and my cats messy area in the kitchen is contained to these clean up saving trays! Shortly there after I started using them for many different uses, because, well, I had them around. And OMG, LOVE!

Here are just a few of the ways I use my beloved cafeteria trays:

  • They are the perfect size to store batches of soap.
  • You can put your messy stick blender on them (and your spatulas, etc. It’s fantastic to be able to make a mess, and then move the mess to the skink for clean up!)
  • You can organize ingredients for multiple batches on them.
  • You can use them to catch soap shreds when trimming soaps.
  • Store your infusions on them (those jars to get messy and make rings on counter tops).
  • Oh, making soap in cavity molds? Yup, use a tray and be able to easily move them around your counter top as needed.
  • Shipping multiple orders and need to keep them organized? Yeah, these make awesome picking trays too! (That’s a tray you use when you are “picking” your orders. Picking is when you’re pulling products off the stock shelves. Once you’ve picked all of your orders, you then pack them up.)

Here’s the ones I use:
(yes, it’s an affiliate link for amazon, but that’s where I got them from)

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You can also (typically) pick these up at your local restaurant supply stores and a friend saw them at costco once.

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